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Wheatstone Wheels Out New PR&E Board

EMX is an AoIP control surface

Following last year’s DMX debut, Wheatstone is beginning to make a tradition of introducing PR&E consoles at the NAB Show.

The new EMX offers four stereo main buses, two stereo aux buses, an offline bus plus a dedicated two-channel telco record output, and a separate bus-minus feed from each channel. Channels also offer pan, EQ/dynamics, selectable talkback and a programmable control nob. It is available in 16, 20 and 28-fader configurations with single and extended frame options.

Naturally, the EMX is at home in the WheatNet-IP network environment with an onboard Gigabit Ethernet switch. It works with the PR&E Mix Engine.

PR&E Field Service Engineer Richard Maddox said, “Having three user programmable buttons on each fader channel allows for a wide range of custom configurations to match studio formats and workflows, and its Ethernet connectivity and ACI interface allow for remote control ability from across the hall or across the country.”