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Wheatstone Will Show a ‘Next-Generation’ Control Surface

E-1 and its uncluttered work surface provide some new angles

Although some products are revealed in advance of the NAB Show, many companies hold their playing cards nearer to their vests until convention time.

Radio World got an early peek today at the E-1, a “next-generation” control surface that Wheatstone Corp. will unveil in the next few days. It is shown here.

The company plans to promote a “new form factor for radio consoles” because the board has an angled user input section that lets the user get a better view of displays and switches without obstructing sightlines over the top.

“The E-1 provides most of the same functionality as the higher model E Series surfaces in a smaller footprint — and at a surprising new price point,” Wheatstone will tell customers. Paired with the new ip88cb audio Console Blade, the console provides a standalone/networkable WheatNet-IP package for around $10,000.

Features include an LCD display that eliminates the need for an external video monitor while providing metering and function access; password-protected programming; and a mix minus output from every input channel that can use any console bus as its reference mix. Each channel has direct to source talkback and auto-switching between On Air and Off Line mix minus.

There also are 99 show presets, programmable soft switches, router-based source and monitor control, and several frame sizes offered.

Phil Owens of Wheatstone said in the announcement, obtained by RW, “Our clients seem to favor a clean and uncluttered work surface that can still access all the power and programmability of our IP and TDM audio networks.”

NAB Booth: C2623