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Who Is RadioKing and What Do They Want?

Company "sees the future of radio being completely online”

Prmotional image from RadioKing

Last spring, RadioKing, which lets people create and manage their own online radio stations, launched services to English-language markets. Now the company is highlighting its new Android Auto application, which allows these online broadcasters to integrate their stations into cars. The company also is participating in the European Radio Show.

We reached out to Hannah May, country manager for RadioKing.

Radio World: Who and what is RadioKing?

Hannah May: RadioKing is the first French platform that allows you to create and manage your own radio station on the Internet. We propose an innovative approach to the development of your radio station with our very own live broadcasting software, flexible websites and mobile apps.

Our main headquarters is based in France but we also have an office in California and soon London. RadioKing will be celebrating four years on March 1.

RW: Who owns the company?

May: Maxime Piquette and Charles De Potter

RW: Who is your target customer or user?

May: Our users have multiple profiles, from big FM stations to festivals, the rapper Booba and private individuals who have a passion for radio. Our Radio Manager has an incredibly user friendly interface but also incorporates modules and functions that professionals appreciate. More than 2,000 radio stations already trust us with clients in 110 countries.

RW: Maxime Piquette will talk at the European Radio Show about his vision for radio. Briefly, what is that vision?

May: I can’t tell you everything for now, but with all the tools that are constantly being developed, RadioKing sees the future of radio being completely online.

RW: Tell us more about the Android Auto application and why it’s notable.

Hannah May

May: With your favorite radio station now being so accessible, car journeys no longer have to be a bore. Connected to the internet via your mobile phone, the new application allows you to listen to your radio station anywhere in the world, to take advantage of multiple streams and to obtain information in real time regarding the current track.

RW: What will it cost and when will it be available?

May: The app is already available for professional clients on demand and should be available to the public on our website in April once developments for the CarPlay app are finished… pricing is still to be confirmed.

RW: What else should readers know?

May: They can test out our our free seven-day radio station demo by heading over to our website and clicking on “Create a Radio Station.” It’s a great way of getting to grips with our Radio Manager. Similarly, they can also test out our radio websites, mobile apps and radio player.