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WinMedia 2017 Features Improved Synchronization

Allows users to assign audio output to two devices simultaneously

WinMedia has introduced its WinMedia 2017 automation software, which allows users to assign audio output to two devices simultaneously.

With the latest WinMedia technology, the audio or video clip being played is sent directly to two outputs at the same time by just pushing one button, without requiring the user to re-encode or synchronize the video stream to be inserted in the audio stream.

The company, which develops its audio drivers in-house, says the encapsulation delay of the new version is just 12 ms and that the audio is sent simultaneously on air via a physical sound card such as Digigram, Axia Livewire, Wheatstone, a video card such as as Blackmagic, or a virtual device like Network Device Interface.

The system’s NDI, developed in collaboration with NewTek, allows for the transfer of content to a TV control room, software or production software.