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Wireworks Adds convertCONs to Cables

New cable to go both ways

Cable-maker Wirelux has introduced a new cable with Neutrik convertCON connectors on the ends.

Dubbed the BG Unisex XLR Cord, the new cable is aimed at microphone or AES/EBU digital duties.

The cable is drawn from Wireworks’ MusiLUX line. The Neutrik convertCON is an XLR connector carrying male and female configurations and able to transform between them; it won Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award a year back.

Wireworks President Gerald Krulewicz said: “By offering Neutrik’s state-of-the-art convertCON connector with our best-selling cable products we are able to offer the ultimate in convenience to any install. Both the installer and user will truly benefit from this product, as they do not need to worry about gender issues associated with setting up typical microphone cords…”