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Wireworks Offers Custom Rack Panels

Plastic panels feature customized messages

Signage is often an overlooked consideration in broadcast facilities, rarely thought of after initial construction. Customized signage beyond name and position is even rarer.

But interconnects and accessories maker Wireworks would like to change that.

The LumaVue Custom Panels line offers acrylic panels (1/4- or 1/8-inch thick) in a number of colors or matte and glossy finishes. These panels can be rear-engraved with a label, message, diagram or logo. The rear engraving prevents marring or desecration of the legend. They are also UV-resistant.

LumaVue panels are semi-translucent so they can be lit from behind, making them useful for “On Air” and similar duties. The panels can also act as equipment identifiers or occupy ventilation spaces to prevent accidental obstruction.