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WZFL Joins MaxxCasting Club

Translators employed to create coordinated single-frequency network

This is WZFL’s pattern before showing the translators in pink, on another frequency.

South Florida’s WZFL(FM) needed help to fill out its broadcast pattern so it turned to GeoBroadcast Solutions and its MaxxCasting technology.

With an acquisition of two translators nearby, GBS personnel went to work integrating the translators and the main transmitter into a single-frequency network. The key was to coordinate the retuned translators so that they did not interfere with each other or the main transmitter. This was done with the MaxxCasting signal modeling technology and new GatesAir Flexiva 500 W transmitters for the translator sites.

Here is the pattern after MaxxCasting synchronization — a much more uniform single-frequency network.

Additional tweaks involved determining the appropriate heights above average terrain, power ratios and time differentials between the various transmitters. Shively directional antennas were also employed to fine-tune the signal.

Station owner Marco Mazzolli said he has heard from pleased listeners. “We also heard from a vice president of a national advertising agency — he once deemed part of our coverage a ‘disaster’ — who was excited he could hear the signal loud and clear. Based on early interest, the MaxxCasting upgrade is going to mean more sponsors, bigger names and bigger brands, which ultimately translates to bigger ratings and more revenue.”