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XLRs in the Great Outdoors

New Neutrik Series is designed for outdoor use

If you’ve ever had to wrap part of a plastic bag around an XLR connection to save it from the elements then you’ll breathe a sigh of relief at Neutrik’s new XX-HD series.

The XX-HD series includes the NC3FXX-HD-D three-pole female XLR connector and its optional black housing, NC3FX-HD-B-D, along with the NC3MXX-HD-D three-pole male XLR connector and its optional black housing, NC3MXX-HD-B-D.

Achieving a rating of IP67 on the ol’ ingress protection chart, the secret to the XX-HD series is a rubber sealing jacket protecting the termination point. The rubber gasket also protects against mechanical shock as well. A zinc die cast shell and gold contacts are also used.

Neutrik USA Managing Director Pete Milbery said: “With Neutrik’s XX-HD series connectors we have taken our proven XLR technology and created a heavy-duty, road-ready version… While many of our existing connectors can be used on the road, this XLR was specifically designed for outdoor use.”