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Yellowtec iXm Is Designed for Reporters

Exchangeable heads allow pattern change

The Yellowtec iXm combines a microphone and a digital recorder in one unit.

The iXm is designed for reporters. Its microphone capsules have been optimized for speech intelligibility and low handling noise sensitivity. The swappable capsules are available in omnidirectional, cardioid and supercardioid patterns. Capsules automatically are detected for automatic gain and DSP adaption. The iXm uses an intelligent levelling algorithm, which the company says allows the reporter to concentrate on the interview. Files are stored on removable SD memory cards as WAV, BWF or MPEG-2.

Positioning of record and stop buttons enables quick and easy thumb-on operation.

The iXm uses standard SD memory cards. Power comes from three AA batteries or a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.

A headphone output provides quick monitoring. A line input will be useful at press conferences using a mult box. A mini USB port can be utilized for accessing audio files from a PC, to recharge the Li-ion accumulator battery or to reconfigure iXm. Configuration software ships with the iXm.

Booth: N8120 (Broadcasters General Store)