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Yellowtec Litt’s the Way

Litt is a programmable, unique on-air LED light

Yellowtec’s Litt, to be shown in Las Vegas, is an LED light for broadcasters who require an on-air indicator compatible with the company’s award-winning m!ka microphone arm system.

The company emphasizes its programmable light and flash patterns, bright LED technology, sleek design and easy assembly.

Each Litt has its own individual microcontroller with flash RAM to store settings. Via Litt’s USB port and Lighthouse software, the user can configure lighting patterns, flash modes and brightness.

The design uses LEDs at 50% of their rated power, for a 100-year lifetime at three hours of daily use. Each Litt segment is equipped with two Philips Luxeon high-power LEDs, and Yellowtec says the lens produces consistent radiance with a 360-degree viewing angle.

With a voltage range of 12–24 VDC and inverse polarity protection circuitry, Litt is easy to install. Segments connect on a handy Phoenix low-insertion force connector and the bus controller unit comes with a choice of mounting adaptors to ease installation.

The company also emphasizes its anodized, durable aluminium design and high-tech look.

NAB Show Booth: C1457