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Yellowtec Nets the PUC

Yellowtec Expands PUC Interface Offerings

German audio equipment maker Yellowtec, perhaps known best in the U.S. for its m!ka line of mic and monitor arms, has expanded its PUC/PUC² line of USB audio interfaces.

Now available are the PUC² Mic and PUC² Lite. The PUC² Mic offers two mic inputs and two line outputs along with AES3 digital I/O. Also included is 48 V phantom power for the mics. It is fully controllable via software and should integrate with DAW programs. Sample rates are up to 192 kHz.

The PUC² Lite is a purely AES3 I/O USB box.

Both new PUC²s are Windows XP, Vista and 7-friendly. A beta Mac driver is also available. The PUC² Lite is shipping while the PUC² Mic is shipping in May of 2011.

Also new from Yellowtec is Litt, a signal light that attaches to m!ka arms. Litt uses 48 LEDs per segment for an even light generation pattern. Litt can be up to five segments per unit. The light pattern (flashing, frequency, intensity, etc.) can be controlled by a computer via USB.