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‘You Are My Density’: Omnia Features the 11

NAB Sneak Peek

Omnia’s big FM processor the Omnia.11 will be a major focus for the company at NAB.

“We’re really proud of the new Density Detector, which will handle hypercompressed content,” President Frank Foti states on the company’s website.

“One could almost say there isn’t a sweet spot, as the density-detector optimizes automatically. Another thing that we looked at is the traditional behaviour of limiters. Limiters have traditionally carried ‘that ragged limiter sound.’ … Our new LoIMD technology coupled with smart gain reduction algorithms resets the bar. The limiters now sound really transparent.”

Omnia says perceptual intermodulation distortion is tuned out. The AGC and limiting algorithms employ an auto acceleration/deceleration mechanism Attack/release functions adjust themselves based upon content density.

“It literally analyzes the audio content in both the amplitude and frequency domain, then adapts the timing networks — on the fly — to transparently control the signal, without the control being heard,” Foti said. “The result is revealed in added detail, clarity, and quality, yet maintaining the desired competitive loudness level.”

The company says the 11’s designers paid special attention to the behavior of live voice quality. It has an in-depth essay on its website about the product’s philosophy and feature set.

NAB Show Booth: C3113