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V-Soft Communications releases Windows version of FCC’s TVStudy program

An implementation of the FCC's "TVStudy" software that runs on Microsoft Windows

This new program is an implementation of the FCC’s “TVStudy” software that runs on Microsoft Windows. TVStudy for Windows uses the FCC’s OET 69 methodology to calculate interference that may be caused by a television stations to other TV stations, land mobile and cell phone carriers. Since the core program was written by the FCC, it always provides the correct answers.

What V-Soft has done is made it possible to run the original FCC’s TVStudy program (designed to for Linux or Mac) on a Windows computer. They have also vastly simplified the download and install process. By providing the program and all its data on a flash drive, they have been able to save the user of hours of downloading, joining files together, decompressing, getting all the files into the right place, and figuring out how to handle the programs various dependencies.

V-Soft provides the software to install the program and its associated data to the user’s computer. They also provide detailed instructions on how to install the MySQL database engine (which is required by the TVStudy software to run.) The user receives a full native Windows implementation of the complete TVStudy software that runs it on a regular Windows PC. There is no need to buy a special computer for it (Mac) and no need to deal with Linux.

The V-Soft package comes with a streamlined graphical based install process that has been tested. V-Soft provides an easy way to get fresh TV station data for use with the software. The company offers full technical support to provide help with questions or issues that may come up.

Contact V-Soft Communications at, 319 266-8402.


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