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ENCO WebDAD Browser-Based Remote Control Moves Radio Stations Closer to Full Virtualization

To be introduced at the 2017 NAB Show, WebDAD expands ENCO’s enCloud suite and enables pure and complete remote control of ENCO DAD automation systems

Southfield, MI, March 9, 2017–ENCO will again expand its enCloud suite in time for the 2017 NAB Show with WebDAD, providing users with an even richer and fully virtualized toolset to remotely access and control their studio-based ENCO DAD radio automation systems. ENCO will demonstrate WebDAD at Booth N2024 from April 24-27 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

WebDAD is the first ENCO enCloud solution that allows broadcasters to take full control of the radio station from any remote location with a network connection. With a direct line to DAD in the studio, the broadcaster can control the complete on-air interface over IP via any standard web browser. This includes the ability to manage and driveon-air presentation, playlist manipulation, voice tracking,and other critical production tasksacross the end-to-end workflow.

Technologies like WebDAD not only introduce new operational efficiencies for full-time station personnel but also allow part-time, contract, and remote workers to access the playout system. This will open the doors to stations with a decentralized work force and allow talent to be heard in several markets with the ability to voice track from anywhere.

“While radio conjures up images of DJs talking into mics and operating radio control panels, the reality is that we’re now moving in a direction where everything is OS-agnostic and increasingly virtualized,” said Ken Frommert, general manager, ENCO. “With WebDAD, the board operator no longer needs to be physically at the radio station or sitting in front of the automation system to control and playout a live radio show. They can now take full control of their radio stationas if they were in the studiovia a web browser on their iPad, mobile phone or other connected device.”

Due to ship this summer, WebDADexpands the enCloud product line, which includes popular tools for mobile journalism and remote voice tracking. A more recently introduced application,Weblib2, allows users to remotely view and modify media libraries, edit playlists, and moreusing their smartphones and tablets. 

“With this comprehensive enCloud toolset,”Frommert said, “station groups can control their radio stations nationwide from one centralized location as if they were on-site. Remote access and control is especially beneficial when conducting a remote broadcast. The remote talent no longer need to communicate with the board operator at the studio to determine what is coming up next and when to start and stop speaking.

“We’re rapidly getting to the point where no one needs to go to work at the radio station anymore,” he added. “It can all be done remotely, which is a very big deal. WebDAD and the larger enCloud suite are laying the groundwork for stations to become completely virtualized.”

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