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InSync Technology at IBC2018

InSync Technology is a specialist in motion compensated frame rate conversion. Content owners with assets that aren’t in the format or frame rate needed for their chosen audience’s displays must carry out standards conversion in order to match the various display sizes and frame rates. Good standards conversion is essential to preserve the quality (and therefore the value) of the material.

FrameFormer by InSync is a software motion compensated standards converter that is available as a plug-in for popular edit software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, as a component in Imagine Communications’ SelenioFlex™ File, and as a stand-alone application supplied by InSync Technology for integration into custom workflows.

FrameFormer runs under Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems and targets CPU-only deployment for maximum flexibility.

At IBC2018, InSync will announce several new integrations — including deployments within Dalet AmberFin and other media asset management systems, Marquise Technologies’ MIST mastering system, and the Hiscale FLICS transcoding environment — that provide more flexibility and options when deploying FrameFormer.

New MAM Workflow Integrations

Frame rate and format conversions are often essential elements in a content workflow. Repurposing material for international distribution, reformatting movies for TV broadcast, or converting assets for web and mobile delivery all require high quality standards conversion within the media chain.

To give customers more choice in how and where they use FrameFormer, InSync has partnered with a number of broadcast workflow solutions providers, making FrameFormer available within a range of products. At IBC2018, InSync will announce several new integrations, including deployment within Dalet AmberFin and other media asset management systems and the Marquise Technologies MIST mastering system.

IBC visitors can see these integrations on Dalet Stand 8.B77 and Marquise Technologies Stand 7.D49.

Hiscale FLICS Integration for Cloud Pay-Per-Use Converter Option

Many broadcasters and content owners face unexpected needs for frame rate and format conversion. For example, footage that was expected to be 1080 50i turns out to be 720 30p, and there’s no option to reshoot, or a client requests a clip for integration into a UHD 59p program, but the only version on the server is HD 50i. Keeping a standards converter on standby for such situations is not cost-effective.

At IBC2018, a new option for a pay-per-use standards conversion solution will be demonstrated — FrameFormer for FLICS. The FrameFormer for FLICS solution is already in evaluation with a major European broadcaster. The demonstration will show the outstanding quality available from the FrameFormer standards converter within the Hiscale FLICS video transcoding platform.

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Photo Caption: FrameFormer is now available within the Hiscale FLICS transcoding platform.

InSync FrameFormer Conversions Demonstration

On InSync Stand 8.D97, visitors will see results of the FrameFormer software motion compensated standards converter converting a range of UHD content between multiple different frame rates. The demonstrations will allow customers to see up-close the superb quality available with FrameFormer and its ability to handle a wide range of material, including content produced with High Dynamic Range.

InSync invites customers to compare the UHD source with the FrameFormer conversion to verify the quality of conversion. The proof of a great standards converter is in its ability to handle high contrast, fast moving, detailed content, which the demonstration will clearly show.

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Photo Caption: FrameFormer is suitable for all content up to 8K and beyond.

Company Quote:

“Multiplatform distribution of content is essential in today’s broadcast and media services, and with the proliferation of different content formats, new tools such as HDR and WCG, and production now at 8K and beyond, there’s never been more need for high quality standards conversion. Repurposing material for multiple distribution platforms not only allows you to grow your audience, it also enables you to generate more value from each asset. However, the value of your assets can be lost, and audiences can switch off if you don’t pay attention to quality. FrameFormer by InSync ensures that you get the best from your assets, whatever the application.”

— Paola Hobson, Managing Director, InSync Technology Ltd.

Company Overview

InSync Technology is a successful and growing employee-owned business. Since its inception in 2003, InSync has specialized in developing highly efficient signal processing hardware and software products, with a focus on motion compensated frame rate and format conversion (standards converters).

InSync’s FrameFormer software standards converter is the only motion compensated frame rate converter designed for CPU-only deployment. FrameFormer offers unique flexibility in support for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and is available in a variety of plug-ins for popular edit software (such as Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro), as an integration into third party solutions (such as the Imagine Communications’ Zenium framework), or as stand-alone software for integration into a bespoke workflow.

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