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All Metric Halo Software is Compatible on Day One with the New Mac OS Mojave 10.14

SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA – OCTOBER 2018: Owners and users of all Metric Halo hardware and software can upgrade to the new Mac OS Mojave (10.14) with complete confidence that all of their Metric Halo products will continue to operate with their characteristic stability. Why? The founders of Metric Halo, brothers B.J. and Joe Buchalter, and their team of engineers, understand the deep machinations and trajectories of Apple’s Mac operating system. They could drop in on a meeting of Apple’s senior software architects and feel right at home. As such, they understand which elements form the stable bedrock of the Mac OS and which elements are more ephemeral, and they build all Metric Halo software to rely only on the stable bedrock. The result is a more stable product that supports Metric Halo’s “future-proof” philosophy and commitment.

There is no need for any updates; all of the most recent versions of Metric Halo software are Mojave-compatible already. Metric Halo has tested all of its software, including its plug-ins (ChannelStrip 3, HaloVerb, TransientControl, Precision DeEsser, Multiband Expander, Multiband Compressor, Character and Dirty Delay), analysis software (SpectraFoo & SpectraFoo Complete), hardware driver (Mobile I/O Firewire Driver), current MIO Console, and beta MH Link Driver & MIO Console 3d with Mac OS Mojave (10.14 18A391). All is well.

Given his deep knowledge of Mac OS and his exploration of Mojave, B.J. Buchalter thinks anyone who uses their Mac for audio will probably want to get this upgrade as soon as all their other (non-Metric Halo) software and hardware is compatible. “We have found that Mojave actually fixes a number of old Mac OS bugs and generally improves performance all-around, especially CPU load for graphics updates and Ethernet packet handling,” he said. “It also appears that Apple has improved the user experience when installing new kernel extensions (drivers). High Sierra had a number of UX problems and bugs with third party driver installation that seem to have been improved with Mojave. For audio users that rely on third-party drivers for their devices, this is an important improvement.”

ABOUT METRIC HALO Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.