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Square Box Systems at BroadcastAsia2018

Square Box Systems will highlight the latest innovations for CatDV, the company’s flagship media asset management (MAM) system, which accelerates collaborative media asset management operations and empowers small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency. CatDV demos and presentations at BroadcastAsia2018 (Stand 6J3-07) will focus on five key areas: AI integrations for advanced content analysis; customization and extensibility; expanded support for creative workflows; support for large, cloud, and hybrid deployments; and new capabilities for managing sports assets.

NEW: AI Integrations in CatDV Pegasus Server for Advanced Content Analysis
Square Box Systems’ CatDV Pegasus Server enables superfast Google-style searches across millions of assets and includes support for Oracle and Microsoft® SQL Server® databases. At BroadcastAsia2018, Square Box will present that latest version of the Pegasus Server with groundbreaking new content analysis capabilities, enabled by integrations with AI technologies for speech recognition and image analysis from leading vendors and aggregators such as Google and Azure®. The Pegasus Server now includes rich AI-based logging and tagging, coupled with enhanced security, flexibility, and sophisticated asset usage analytics, reporting, and audit tools. In addition, the Pegasus Server now leverages integrations with leading AI engines, such as the Veritone® aiWARE™ platform, to streamline search and retrieval of critical media assets.

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Photo Caption: Square Box Systems is showcasing a range of groundbreaking new AI-based content analysis integrations for its flagship CatDV media asset management (MAM) solution at BroadcastAsia2018.

Enhanced Support for Creative Workflows
CatDV now enables even more creative workflows through integrations with Adobe® Creative Cloud and Avid® Media Composer. The system now features an updated and more powerful Advanced Adobe panel that can also operate in Adobe Premiere® Pro, After Effects®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, and InDesign®. CatDV also boasts enhanced support for Avid workflows.

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Photo Caption: CatDV now enables even more creative workflows through integrations with Adobe® Creative Cloud and Avid® Media Composer.

Enhanced Customization
Through features such as enhanced JavaScript support and an all-new custom user interface toolkit, CatDV will now offer more customization options than ever before for completely tailored MAM workflows. Both the desktop and web versions of CatDV and the Worker automation engine now support JavaScript, and the user interface toolkit enables customers to build completely new user experiences for every CatDV component. Recent CatDV customizations, built on these APIs, include a document analyzer that can extract text from PDFs, photos, and MS Office documents for indexing by CatDV, along with OR as well as a tool for uploading assets to YouTube.

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Photo Caption: CatDV now offers more customization options than ever before.

Enhancements for Cloud and Hybrid Deployments
CatDV now offers a range of cloud and hybrid (supporting both on-premises and cloud) deployment options, including the seamless management and movement of content for creative workers who prefer to focus on making compelling content rather than worrying about NAS, SAN, cloud, or object storage tiers. New integrations with file acceleration tools from Aspera make these options even more compelling. In addition, CatDV now offers extended support for AWS S3 archive, including KMS encryption and Glacier support with configurable expedited restores. CatDV has also built an all-new AWS deployment template with proxy playback from S3. Additional enhancements include an integration with Media Silo and support for Backblaze B2 archive.

Expanded Support for Microservices and Distributed Deployments
CatDV now includes the ability to deploy server plug-in components on separate servers. Examples include data movers for archive plug-ins such as Black Pearl, S3, Azure®, and B2.

New Workflow Automation Options and Extensions
CatDV now offers powerful new workflow automation enhancements, including a file path cleaner for removing invalid characters that can wreak havoc with storage and creative tools downstream; an MD5 checker; policy-based archives and restores; a document/PDF analyzer with simple OCR; and a YouTube uploader. Also available is a two-factor authentication and single sign-on solution based on SAML2–, providing additional security for both web and installed CatDV users.

New Sports Capabilities
For supercharging sports deployments, CatDV now includes uprated, button-based logging and sports-focused search options. Capabilities like these have made CatDV the obvious choice for more than 50 sports teams worldwide.

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Photo Caption: For supercharging sports deployments, CatDV now includes uprated, button-based logging and sports-focused search options.

Company Quote:
“AI is beginning to change how media organizations meet their most complex MAM challenges. When paired with leading-edge MAM tools, a new and emerging breed of AI platforms for media analysis offers tremendous potential for transforming media workflows. At BroadcastAsia2018, we’re looking forward to showing attendees our latest innovations for CatDV that make it easier than ever for operations to access, manage, and archive tremendous volumes of content.”
— Dave Clack, CEO at Square Box Systems

Company Overview
Square Box Systems is a privately owned software company specializing in media asset management and production workflows. Its industry-leading CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management by making it easy for content owners to repurpose and monetize their assets. Offering a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors, the CatDV software runs on Mac and Windows platforms and can be scaled from small workgroups to multiuser enterprise solutions managing millions of assets. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also been honored with a number of awards including Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon for Best Asset Management Tool and Videography Magazine’s Best of NAB Vidy Award. Based in the U.K., Square Box Systems sells CatDV globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing workflow design, local installation, consultancy, and support. More information is available at

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