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5G Fixed Wireless Access Will Disrupt the Cable TV Business

Currently, many end-users get their internet access via the same cable service, with few or no alternatives

LOS ANGELES � In a recent article, I asserted that rooftop antennas will be making a comeback soon, when 5G fixed wireless access starts to be deployed. Now I�d like to present a bit more evidence to strengthen my case (in the event that you remain skeptical).

While the number of cable TV subscribers is eroding, a recent survey (conducted online for LendEdu by Pollfish, which surveyed 500 cord cutter and 500 cable subscribers over four days beginning Dec. 28, 2017) indicates things may not be getting any easier for the traditional TV business, according to broadcasting and cable.

Let�s look at some of the reasons given by the cord cutters:

  • Cord cutters say they are saving an average of $115 per month. The survey also found that within five yearsmore than half of current cable customers doubt they�ll still subscribe to traditional pay TV.
  • 58% of cord-cutters said they cut the cord because their TV cable subscription was too expensive (The survey puts the average cost of traditional pay TV services at $116.93 per month).
  • 21.2% said they were using their cable subscription less because of streaming services anyway
  • 71.6% said they used streaming services before dropping cable.

Many of these end-users (including myself) get their internet access via the same cable service, with few or no alternatives. 5G fixed wireless access (and perhaps even 4G FWA) will give many of us a great opportunity to tell the cable TV companies of the world to �cancel� their service.

This may also explain why Charter is getting into FWA in a hurry.�