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60% of Norwegians Have at Least One DAB+ Radio

This is less than a year before FM sunset in that country

OSLO�The fact that Norway will begin its �sunset� of the FM service there in 2017 is common knowledge to readers of Digital Radio Update.� A logical follow-up question is this: how many Norwegians own and/or use DAB radios at this late date, less than twelve months before the transition?

A recent survey carried out by TNS Gallup can give us some idea.� Interestingly, not all of the press related to the results is positive.� A lot of what we would call �spin� has been applied to the results.� Let�s take a look at a couple of examples.�, we have the following:�Norwegian households are in the process of making a digital radio switch.�60 percent of Norwegian households now have at least one DAB radio, according to a new measurement.�Now there are about 2.8 million DAB radios in Norway.�

Fromradionytt.nowe have the following:�Overall, there are 6 of 10 that now have DAB radio, home or car.�40% of the population thus has no DAB opportunity one year before the FM radio off.�There are approximately 7.4 million devices with FM, while there are 2.7 million DAB radios.�

From �26 percent of listeners have radio in the car, according to the survey, which is conducted in the fourth quarter of 2016 until Christmas.�All cars can be upgraded with a radio or DAB adapter.�

From �In the car it is even worse, still only one out of four (have) DAB in the car, despite a substantial increase of sales of relevant DAB radios and adapters over the last year.�In 2014 there were only 17% who had radio in the car, now it’s 26%, according to digital radio survey.�

From�This is a strong indication that we see a digital transformation in radio habits.�DAB radios are becoming common in the thousands of homes and we see in practice a sliding shift in usage habits.�The majority of the survey state that good sound and more channels is what they appreciate the most by DAB radio, says Ole J�rgen Torvmark, general manager of Digital radio Norway.�

From�…listening via digital radio equipment is now greater than via FM.�57% of listening took place in the fourth quarter of 2015 on digital platforms, it includes streaming, digital, tablet, mobile and obviously DAB / DAB +.�It is exactly the same share as in the first quarter of 2015, and in the two quarters between pedestrians walked digital radio listeners actually down.�� Pardon the translation on that last sentence; what I believe they are saying is that digital radio listening has essentially leveled off. Contrast that with, who said �we see in practice a sliding shift in usage habits.��