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Apple Is Testing Its Own MVNO Service

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are two familiar MVNOs

CUPERTINO, Calif.�Apple is reportedly in talks to launch a mobile virtual network operator service in the United States and Europe, according toBusiness Insider.

An MVNO is a virtual carrier network for which technology companies lease capacity from established carriers and sell it to customers directly. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are two familiar MVNOs.�

Apple, while conducting trials of the MVNO service in the US, is also in talks with telecom companies in Europe about bringing the service there, according to the same article.

The Apple MVNO will work like this: instead of paying your carrier every month, you will pay Apple directly for data, calls, and texts. The Apple SIM card in your mobile device will switch between carriers to get the best service. The telecoms companies will auction capacity to Apple so it can operate the service.

Sources say Apple is looking long-term with its MVNO plans and could take at least five years to fully launch the service. They�d be joining Google, whichrecently announcedits own MVNO service offering.�