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Audi/VW First Group to Sign Up for Radioplayer’s Smart Radio API

WRAPI builds on the Radioplayer Car project launched earlier this year

HERNDON, Va. ��The Audi/VW group is the first manufacturer to sign up for Radioplayer�s new �smart radio� feed for connected cars. This partnership will result in hybrid radios in new Audi models, using the Radioplayer technology to display station logos and to switch automatically between DAB, FM and streaming, according to

The new Worldwide Radioplayer API (WRAPI) builds on the Radioplayer Car project launched earlier this year. In addition to enabling �hybrid� switching between broadcast and streaming as reception varies, the new data feed facilitates features such as personalized radio recommendations, search results and catch-up content.

Other WRAPI features include:

  • Playing streams at different bitrates
  • Accessing the unique Radioplayer recommendation engine
  • Playing tens of thousands of catch-up radio items and podcasts
  • Displaying information about what�s on
  • Querying search engines across all eight Radioplayer countries.