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Borchetta: 10 Years Hence, Half of Today’s Streaming Services Will Not Exist

"It’s going to be a completely different way of doing business in the streaming space"

NASHVILLE, Tenn.�An interesting article appeared in �Upstart��about Scott Borchetta, the founder of Big Machine Label Group, in Nashville, Tenn.� It�s pertinent to the topic of streaming media.�

The author, E.J. Boyer, put the following question, among others, to Mr. Borchetta: �Nashville�s invested in growing its entrepreneur scene, specifically in music. �As a successful entrepreneur in the industry, what issues need innovation?�

�There are going to be real breakthroughs in streaming. �If you look back 10 years ago where radio was, where online radio was, where streaming was, it was just getting started��Ninety percent of those outlets that we visited in that first year are out of business, so 10 years from now, I guarantee you at least half of those streaming services that exist today will not exist, at least not freestanding��It�s going to be a completely different way of doing business in the streaming space.� It�s a different income stream��The good news is, the musicians get paid…When we can scale, it�s going to be really so much better for everyone,� said Borchetta.�

Ten years ago this week, Borchetta launched the independent record label on Nashville’s Music Row, signing an unknown teenage singer-songwriter as his first act�Taylor Swift. �His other acts include Florida Georgia Line, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw and Martina McBride.