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Bridge Ratings: Podcasts Continue to Gain in Popularity

Bridge Ratings Podcasting clients recently participated in the company’s first audit of the podcasting platform.

IRVINE, CALIF.�Bridge Ratings Podcasting clients recently participated in the company�s first audit of the podcasting platform.

�In recent weeks since the release of our “Podcasting at a Crossroads” study and subsequent blog, our clients and the industry has asked for more detail on the health and prospects for an audio platform which is growing steadily in audience but has yet to provide advertisers a suitable purchase model,� according to Bridge.� Let�s take a look at some of the details they made public.�

Marketers are gaining more confidence in the platform. Over the last five years the amount of money spent on podcasting advertising has grown by approximately 25 percent with 2015 growth signaling an unusual year over year spike (+ 48 percent). Cost-per-thousand values are tracking with increases as well.

Listening. While marketing has seen growth of 20+ percent over the last five years, listeners have grown by around 8 percent and the number of listening sessions has grown by 11 percent.

Listener Acquisition.� Bridge has seen growth of the podcast audience through five principle sources: Personality, Cross promotion, Social Media buzz, traditional media, and list positioning�in other words, presence in the iTunes top 10 list.

Podcast Pricing.� Agencies and podcast buyers indicate that pricing of podcast advertising is generally higher than other media primarily due to listener retention, engagement and response.�

Podcast Growth Scenarios. �As previously outlined in the “Podcasting at a Crossroads” study, Bridge predicts �the future of podcasting is reliant on several factors including an improvement in ease-of-access and use by the general public.�

You can see a more detailed analysis here.� You can see a list of the top 10 podcasts here.��