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Canadian DAB Signals Nearly Extinguished

Canadian DAB Signals Nearly Extinguished

Feb 2, 2011 11:27 AM, By Mark Krieger

Just a little more than one year after the Canadian Government announced that it would likely reallocate the Canadian DAB sub-band of 1452-1492 MHz to fixed and mobile wireless services, Scott Fybush’s Northeast Radio Watch blog is reporting that the CBC has shut down all its DAB transmissions, and that only one multiplex still remains on the air.

The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) initially assigned Canada’s DAB allocations back in 1996.

According to Fybush, the CRTC cancelled the CBC’s remaining DAB licenses in Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and Vancouver last week, leaving only one multiplex remaining on the air in Toronto carrying simulcasts from five commercial radio stations there. The eventual shutdown date of that transmitter is unknown.

Canadian regulators have given broadcasters the option to air HD Radio on a trial basis, but no stations appear to be currently transmitting a digital hybrid signal, though several are reportedly equipped to do so.

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