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Could Tesla Be a Real Contender in the Digital Dash?

Don’t count Elon Musk out yet

ALEXANDRIA, Va. � Should automakers, streaming companies and radio broadcasters take a man for a serious competitor when he recently shared a series of tweets declaring his love for floors?

When that man is Elon Musk, the answer is a resounding yes.

The former PayPal CEO, SpaceX founder and Tesla co-founder (among many other impressive titles), has indicated an interest in creating content for the digital dashboard of Tesla vehicles.

Recode reports that �the carmaker has had talks with all of the major labels about licensing a proprietary music service that would come bundled with its cars, which already come equipped with a high-tech dashboard and internet connectivity.�

Outside of the US, Spotify and Tesla already struck a deal integrating the service in the vehicles, so this move is perhaps a bit surprising, especially considering the dueling Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offerings already crowding the market.

The Washington Post points out that �Tesla counts about 100,000 customers compared with Spotify’s 50 million subscribers. About 27 million Pandora listeners have used car systems integrated with the music service, for instance. And nearly�200 car models allow drivers to control Pandora right from the dashboard, a company spokesman said.�

While some believe that the innovator is already over-extended (what with his tunnel boring business and the Hyperloop project, plus solar city, etc), but it isn�t wise to ignore or underestimate the extremely well-funded Musk, who continues to take risks and succeed in diverse fields.

Also, Elon Musk�s fans are notorious (Full disclosure: I�m marrying one of them.) and would likely jump at the chance to use a streaming service that he has created, envisioned and/or endorsed.