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CTIA Survey Confirms Americans Are Using a Lot of Mobile Data

Association has released information from its annual industry survey

ARLINGTON, Va. � Wireless data traffic was up 42.2% in 2016, according to CTIA�s latest industry report.�

CTIA released the data from its annual industry survey, concluding that �Americans� Wireless Data Usage Continues to Skyrocket,� as per the title of the blog entry on the association�s website.�

The survey of operational member and non-member wireless service providers is voluntary, but CTIA says it �has an excellent response rate.� This latest report has �aggregated data from companies serving over 97 percent of all estimated wireless subscriber connections.�

The report includes information about direct employment, number of cell sites, total service revenues, capital investment and other metrics, as well as the number of reported wireless subscriber units (up 4.8% in 2016).�

You can buy the full report online.�