DAB Expansion Continues Across Europe

Updates from the Netherlands, Germany and Latvia
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The Netherlands

Reception of DAB+ for both commercial and public radio has recently seen a boost in the Utrecht, in the Netherlands, according toradio.nl. Another DAB+ mux transmitter was turned up, located in ijsselstein.�� Stations now available to listeners include Radio M,NH Radio, Radio West Radio Rijnmond Radio Gelderland Omroep Flevoland, Decibel, 8FM Randstad Wild Hitradio, Fresh FM, Ujala, Amor FM, Vahon FM, Radio Maria, RadioNL (edition Noord-Holland and Utrecht) and Radio Paradise.� The network is on band iii channel 8A.


With the commissioning of another mux transmitter at Bad Marienberg, in the Rhineland-Palatinate area of the country, Media Broadcast has completed their program to cover Germany as best they can, using 110 different mux transmitters, all on the national network channel 5C. In the last two years alone, 49 transmitters were added, and power was increased on some of the previously existing ones. The national DAB network now covers 92% of the �outdoor� area of Germany, and 82% �indoors.�� It is also received on all of the country�s major autobahns, according to radio.nl.�


On Dec. 15, Latvia officially launched digital radio broadcasting technologies (DAB +) testing. The testing is being implemented by the Latvian State Radio and Television Center, in collaboration with VAS Latvian Radio.�The purpose of testing is to find whether or not DAB + is suitable for the Latvian market, and will take place near Riga, inside of a 40 to 50 km radius circle around the Zakusalas television tower.�Testing will last until next November, according tonra.lv.


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Digital Radio News From Europe

France’s CSA has approved seven sites in the Hauts-de-France (the north of France) for DAB+; Germany will remain a VHF country for the foreseeable future; and in Norway, over-the-air radio listenership appears to have stabilized