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DAB+ on Display at Geneva Motor Show

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is underway, lasting until March 15

GENEVA�The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is underway, lasting until March 15.

Integration of DAB+ is now a common feature manufacturers have and most of them display it at the show, according to EBU news.� For example, Renault � a company that showed nothing in 2014� now offers DAB+ as an option on almost all models. �The price of the options vary from 200 � to 500 � or more when integrated with advanced car navigation systems; less when tied to expensive options as it was in the past.

More automotive OEMs are offering digital radios as standard equipment in new cars.� Honda, for example, has announced that European models, from the model year 2015 and on, will be outfitted with DAB+ radios and smartphone connect features.

More receivers decode text, slideshow and EPG services and service-following is now implemented on almost all models. (Service following allows devices to automatically switch between broadcast and internet audio streams as reception changes.)� Unfortunately none of them provide a link between broadcast radio and IP at the show. �

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