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Denmark Postpones Decision on FM Cessation

Ministry of Culture reports that the decision about when to cease FM transmissions has been delayed

COPENHAGEN�The Ministry of Culture in Denmark is reporting that the decision about when to cease FM transmissions there has been delayed by the government.

Instead of ceasing FM transmissions in 2019, as originally planned, the government will now make a decision after 50 percent of radio listening is from digital sources. Currently, digital radio listening in Denmark is at 26 percent of the total.

The Danish minister of culture was quoted thus: �the FM band, which has been used for radio in Denmark since 1950, has unfortunately only room for a limited number of channels.�DAB and Internet radio offers far more options.�A switch-off of FM is inevitable � but we need listeners.�The question is when this will happen.�I hope that the amendment (referred to above) may push the development so that more and more people choose to listen to radio digitally, as the exciting new radio channels sprouting to the delight of listeners. The supplementary agreement�Pursuant to the Additional Agreement should also be a study of listening behavior and technological developments.�The study will serve to continue the qualification of the media policy decisions on radio.� �

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