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Digital Radio Hits New Highs in the UK

Total digital listening hours grew by 38.6 million hours year-over-year

LONDON � In the UK, digital listening edged closer to 50% by reaching a new record share of 48.8%, up from 45.5% a year ago, driven by strong DAB growth and performance from stations including BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 4 Extra, Kisstory, Radio X, Mellow Magic and Virgin Radio, according to RAJAR Q3 2017 data released today.

Total digital listening hours grew by 8% year over year, or 38.6 million hours. Over-the-air DAB listening grew by 40.4 million hours, or 12%, to off-set a marginal decline in listening to digital TV (-0.4%) and modest growth in listening via online and Apps (0.7%).� DAB digital listening is at a record level of 36% of all radio listening and 74% of all digital listening.� 61.6% of the population now own a DAB radio at home compared to 57% in the same quarter last year.

Digital listening online via apps now accounts for 8% of all radio listening and 16% of digital listening, while digital television accounts for 5% of radio listening and for 10% of digital listening.

In-car digital listening exceeded 30% for the first time and reached a new record share of 30.9%, totalling 15.7 million hours, or 26% year over year. Digital listening in cars has contributed to 40.6% of all digital listening hourly growth.

Digital listening across the age groups of 10-64 years is already comfortably above 50% ( actuallyu 51.6%) and all five younger age groups now have a digital share of over 50% (10-14s; 15-24s; 25-34s; 35-44s; 45- 54s year olds).