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Digital Radio on Display at Geneva Motor Show

At the Geneva Motor Show, March 3 – March 16, nearly all manufacturers have DAB+ in the displayed cars, including entry level models.

GENEVA — At the Geneva Motor Show, March 3–16, nearly all manufacturers have DAB+ in the displayed cars, including entry level models. More and more manufacturers now offer DAB+ radio in the car as standard equipment, but many still keep it as an option. MCDT, the organization promoting DAB+ in Switzerland, was at the show to explain to visitors the benefit of digital radio, and also to work with car importers to ensure that they all have a DAB+ offered in the cars they sell.

Geneva Motor Show“Some car radios are really difficult to use and trying to navigate to the station you want can sometimes be a nightmare. The concept of frequencies as it exists on FM doesn’t make sense anymore to the user with DAB+. It’s now up to the receiver to scan, update the list of stations and present it to the user in a consistent way. Additional features such as a slideshow can also lead to confusion. Sometimes you have to go in a special menu, select ‘multimedia’ and then select ‘display slideshow.’ It is almost certain that very few drivers will do this or know where to look,” according to EBU news.

Some car manufacturers have hybrid radio features using RadioDNSbut none were evident at the show. “We could see some cars displaying the wrong logos for stations. This is due to some manufacturers that have acquired logo lists stored in their receivers that are sometimes wrong or not up to date. The only solution for this is to have broadcasters make their logo available through RadioDNS or directly transport them on DAB,” according to the same article.