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Digital Radio Usage Hits New High in UK

AM/FM usage drops to new low

LONDON�Digital radio listening in the UK has grown by 10% in the last year, according toRajar Q4 2015data released on February 4th, to almost 42% (41.7%) of all radio listening.� During the same period the AM/FM listening share declined by almost 10% to 50.6% (from 56.4%).

This consolidates the strong position of digital radio ahead of the launch of new DAB network next month. (March 2016).

Over 30 million people, or 56% of adults, listen on a digital platform every week, an increase of 2.2 million in the last year.� Annual digital listening hours have grown by 9.8% (to 423m hours from 385m in Q4 2014).

Listening on all digital platforms grew year over year, with a 9% increase in DAB listening (to 280m hours from 257m hours in Q4 2014). The DAB listening share increased to a record level of 27.7%. DAB remains the most popular digital platform, representing over 66% of digital listening. DAB radio ownership grew by 10% year over year to 54% of the population (from 48.9% in Q4 2014). There was 10% increase in online listening (to 69m hours from 62m hours in Q4 2014) and online listening share increased to 6.8%. Listening on digital TV grew by 6% (to 50m hours from 48m hours in Q4 2014).

Use of Radio in cars grew to a record level of almost 23% (22.8%) of all radio listening. The use of Digital sources in cars grew by 45% year over year (to 45m hours from 31m in Q4 2014) and now accounts for nearly 20% of all in-car listening (19.5% from 13.9% in Q4 2014), boosted by growth in new cars being equipped with digital radios as standard equipment.��