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Director of Netherlands’ Broadcast Partners on DAB+: “It’s Still Too Early”

It’s all about the automobile

AMSTERDAM�The Netherlands� Broadcast Partners is a major provider of transmission facilities in that country.� Interesting comments about the future of DAB+ there, from the Director of Broadcast Partners, Mr. Robert-Jan van der Hoeven, were reported in

�We think that DAB+ maybe has a chance in the future but we do not know for sure,� said Mr. van der Hoeven. �The picture in Europe is very variable. �From the DAB lobbies, there is a very optimistic image. They could be right. The consumer has, so far, not discovered the benefits DAB+ so you are having a replacement market.�

�It�s all about the automobile. With the average automobile in the Netherlands held for 14 years, it�s difficult,� he said. Currently, 10% of new cars in the Netherlands are equipped with a DAB receiver.

�While the DAB platform has had success,� van der Hoeven warned, �I do not dare say that DAB+ is the successor to FM. It�s still too early.� He�s also not convinced mobile platforms threaten DAB. �As long as data capacity is scarce I don�t expect radio via mobile internet will be a success.�