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DRM Sees Nods from ITU, Boost at Russian Radio Symposium

DRM Sees Nods from ITU, Boost at Russian Radio Symposium

Nov 18, 2009 5:13 PM

In a recent newsletter, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) claims three recent events as evidence that its non-proprietary broadcast technology is advancing worldwide.

Cited first was a three-day symposium on DRM 30 technology hosted by the Russian Federation’s General Radio Frequency Centre (GRFC) in Moscow last month that focused on that country’s recent adoption of DRM for use in its medium and short wave broadcast services beginning earlier this year. Among the speakers was Russian deputy Minister of Communications Alexander Zharov, who reportedly praised DRM 30 for its spectral and operational efficiency.

Mention was also made of recent comments made by Indian Minister of Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni made during a meeting with DRM Chairperson Ruxandra Obreja and Project Director Vineeta Dwivedi in New Delhi. Ms. Soni suggested that with the adoption of DRM 30 technology by national broadcaster All India Radio, the need for affordable DRM receivers to provide millions of low-income rural Indian citizens with current news and information is pressing. The potential market for such receivers within the subcontinent is said to be enormous.

Finally, there was word of adoption of two DRM submissions at a recent ITU-R WP 6A meeting in Geneva.

The first document dealt with DRM plans for the 26MHz band along with protection ratios for double-channel modes, while the second contained draft modifications for DRM+ technology in ITU-R rec BS.1114, a specification that recommends digital radio systems for frequencies 30MHz and 3GHz. Based on those adoptions, DRM+ will become “Digital System G” in Rec BS.1114, joining DAB, HD Radio and ISDB-T, pending submission of field test data for operation in bands II and I, due before the next ITU-R WP 6A meeting scheduled for April 2010.

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