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Dutch Broadcasters Making Further Use of Local DAB+ Transmitters

Broadcasters continue to experiment with DAB+ transmission at the local level

AMSTERDAM � Broadcasters in the Netherlands continue to experiment with DAB+ transmission at the local level (as opposed to national networks). �

All Dutch DAB + broadcasts from local stations are authorized through experimental licenses issued by the Radio Communications Agency.�The aim is to see how �broadcasters can broadcast a cheap [and] easy way via digital terrestrial radio.��The licenses run through later this year, according to

In the north part of Holland, broadcasts started this week from Zandvoort on channel 5C, with an ERP of 150 watts. Four channels are being broadcast at 96 kbps each. Licensee Eurosound is including ZFM Zandvoort, the Internet Dance Radio stations, and AMW (Amsterdam Most Wanted) on the mux.�

Local broadcasters in East Groningen last summer started up local broadcasts via DAB + and now they�ve gotten themselves on another mux. �Radio Westerwolde, RTV GO, Havenstad FM and best 80s only were transmitted from Vlagtwedde on channel 7B, and now are available from another mux transmitter at Delfzijl, extending their coverage to the north.

The DAB + network Jamm FM in Amsterdam has recently been expanded with additional stations:�The local broadcasters Rick FM, Radio RTV Amstelveen, and Aalsmeer can now be received via digital terrestrial radio, according to the same article.��