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EFTA Receives 3rd Complaint About Pending Digitization of Radio in Norway

Prior complaints came from the Norwegian Local Radio Association and an anonymous broadcaster

OSLO�TheEuropean Free Trade Association�s�work investigating Norwegian DAB is getting more involved because it has received a third complaint regarding the digitization of radio in that country.

Prior complaintscame from the Norwegian Local Radio Association and an anonymous broadcaster. The third complain is about the development of DAB+ coverage inside of tunnels.

According to this complaint, theNorwegian Public Roads Administrationused �illegal state aid and cross-subsidization in order to provide the major radio stations DAB coverage in the country�s tunnels, while local stations are banned,� according

The third complainant has asked that to remain anonymous, except to say that it is “a local radio station in a small village in Norway.�

The ETSA Commission �is not satisfied with the answers they so far have received from the Ministry of Culture in terms of DAB,� according to the same article. One of the questions ESA is specifically asking is how Norwegian authorities will ensure that there is greater diversity on the airwaves, and specifically about how the Ministry of Culture will ensure the number of broadcasters is actually increasing, and not just fromNRKandP4. ESA notes that the Norwegian authorities have cited this as one of the benefits of digitalization of radio.