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Firm Offers Fiber-Based, AoIP STL Services to German Broadcasters

Uplink transmitter network has complete monitoring of the audio-over-IP signal

LEIPZIG, Germany � German firm HL Komm is providing an AoIP-based STL service to broadcasters across Germany. The service is called Uplink.�

The service provider relies on high-performance, redundant, secure fiber optic connections, which are monitored 24 hours a day via its Remote Network Management Center.�The Uplink transmitter network has complete monitoring of the audio-over-IP signal.�Network problems are immediately detected and an alternative routing is switched to prevent downtime. RF Single frequency networks can be synchronized over the same IP network.�In addition, there is a field monitoring of the over-the-air signals and the quality of the transmission can be checked at any time.

“We are delighted that we were able to contribute to the successful market launch of our partner Uplink with our strength in the highly available IP audio distribution,” explains Richard Fahringer, Managing Director of HL Komm. “The continuation of the cooperation with UPLINK in the FM radio network is a gain for the German broadcaster.� �After 12 months, more than 10 percent of the private German radio market � 100 stations � have switched to Uplink Network.

HL Komm Telekommunikations GmbH offers as a central provider services in the areas of Internet, telephony, data centers and networking, and has thousands of kilometers of highly available and redundant fiber-optic telecommunication network in the Central Germany region.