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First Brazilian DRM Broadcast Originates in Brasilia

Initial reports indicate strong reception in San Paolo from Brasilia transmission

BRASILIA, Brazil�People in San Paolo, Brazil, were able to listen to a DRM broadcast of the Amazon National Radio transmitted from Brasilia � nearly 800km away � for the first time on May 28, according to the DRM Consortium.

The event marked the first DRM broadcast in shortwave to originate in that South American country and was a collaboration between the Brazilian public broadcaster EBC and its partners.

The EBC used one antenna system at Rodeador Park for the broadcast; the antenna used has a 16dB gain and a north-south radiation pattern. The broadcast was in the frequency of 9755kHZ and done with 130W.

The coverage area is predicted to cover both the north and the south of Brazil, as well as some neighboring countries, but tests are still occurring with more numbers and feedback expected in the coming weeks.