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FM Transmitters Switched Off in South Tyrol

RAS does not intend to further invest public money in FM technology

BOLZANO, South Tyrol, Italy � South Tyrol broadcaster RAS has deactivated the first 19 FM broadcasting systems of the �1, ORF Radio Tirol and �3 radio programs.

One of several reasons given for the shutdown is that it reduces operating costs. RAS has expanded its DAB+ radio transmission network with the commissioning of transmitters at the Melago and La Valle stations, and with 84 digital systems up and running, they now serve 99.5 percent of the Alto Adige population with 22 radio programs.�

RAS does not intend to further invest public money in FM technology. In order to continue the regular management of the FM transmission networks, RAS would have to replace FM transmission systems, which have provided over 30 years of operation.�When the FM systems are switched off, these systems can be used as spare parts for systems that are still in operation. No new purchases will be required between now and the end of next year, when RAS will shut down its remaining 22 FM systems.