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Germany’s Media Broadcast Expands DAB+ Mux Network

Expanding Bundesmux reception across the country

BERLIN ��Transmission services provider Media Broadcast is expanding Bundesmux reception across Germany.

On July 10, they turned up a new mux at Molbergen.�The transmitter has a power of 5 kW, providing reception across the entire Emsland with the national digital radio offering, reports

On July 26, the Brandenburg locations (3 kW) and Templin (10 kW) will be added.�Brandenburg will close supply gaps in western Brandenburg as well as improving reception along the A2.�Templin optimizes the existing supply in eastern Brandenburg.

On September 13, 2017, the station location Casekow will be turned up with a power of 5 kW.�This site will provide coverage in the in the north-east of Brandenburg.

With the commissioning of these transmitters, DAB + reception in the north-east of Germany will be significantly improved.�Out-of-doors reception of the national multiplex will be expanded to 96% with the new transmitter locations, and more than 82% of citizens will be able to receive the national multiplex indoors.�