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HD Digital Radio Alliance Launches Holiday Marketing Plan

HD Digital Radio Alliance Launches Holiday Marketing Plan

Dec 3, 2008 4:39 PM

Orlando – Dec 2, 2008 – The HD Digital Radio Alliance has planned its marketing campaign for the 2008 holiday season. For the first time the plan will include a newspaper insert and promotional giveaways. The campaign will focus on the benefits of HD Radio. On Dec. 5, the Alliance will place an insert into USA Today.

The Alliance says that the online ad campaign has already produced 3.2 million impressions on the gift-giving page on in the first two weeks. The Alliance’s marketing efforts originally focused on radio ads. The Alliance values this on-air time as being worth more than $57 million, although it was unsold inventory in most cases. And since no money changed hands for the air time the real value is an abstract concept.

The Alliance repeated it goal of turning the increased awareness of HD Radio into a purchase intent.