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HearHere Radio Rebrands

Streaming audio network HearHere Radio has renamed itself Rivet Radio

CHICAGO�Streaming audio network HearHere Radio has renamed itself�Rivet Radio. The rebranding effort promotes continuity with its radio service�and reflects its ability to build multiplatform, customized mobile and in-car streams.�

The company is growing, and recently moved into a historic building in downtown Chicago.

Rivet Radio creates news updates and special interest pieces in its newsroom as well as through partnerships with media companies like American Public Media, Associated Press and Crain�s Business.

The Rivet Radio app is available on Android and iPhone smartphones; listeners can also hear the Rivet Auto service in vehicles and services like Jaguar Land Rover InControl units, Bosch Automotive Technology, Visteon, Open Car, and Abalta�s Weblink. Rivet has also expanded with the launch of a custom audio business-solution called Rivet Enterprise, which lets companies access and distribute Rivet�s curated news streams.