iBiquity Recommends Software Updates

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iBiquity Recommends Software Updates

Jun 24, 2014 5:11 PM

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iBiquity Digital has identified a specific receiver issue with a major car receiver manufacturer and is asking all stations broadcasting with HD Radio Technology to update either their exporter configuration or their system software. Exporter version 4.4.7 addresses the issue and no further action is necessary if you are already running this version.

This issue can also be addressed by changing several settings rather than a full software update. Contact your HD Radio equipment manufacturer for specific instructions to verify your current software version and download updates.

Click here to view the original bulletin from iBiquity Digital.


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iBiquity at World Radio Summit

iBiquity Digital Corporation is partnering with the International Radio Festival and UK XFM DJ/presenter Gabby Sanderson to launch the Access All America radio tour