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IBOC by State: California (February 2011)

IBOC by State: California (February 2011)

Feb 16, 2011 11:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

Ibiquity has a list of stations with licensed HD Radio technology and notes those on the air now. IBOC by state looks at various states and lists the stations making the transition. There are 171 stations in the Golden State broadcasting 267 HD Radio channels.

MarketStationHD1 FormatHD2 FormatHD3 FormatOwner BakersfieldKTQX-FM 90.1Spanish/ Variety–Radio Bilingue BakersfieldKPRX-FM 89.1Classical/ NPR–White Ash Broadcasting BaysideKNHM-FM 91.5Educational–JPR Foundation CalexicoKQVO-FM 97.7News/ Talk/ InfoGroove Salad-San Diego State University FresnoKALZ-FM 96.7ACGroove-Clear Channel FresnoKFSO-FM 92.9Spanish/ OldiesTejano-Clear Channel FresnoKCBL-AM 1340Sports–Clear Channel FresnoKMGV-FM 97.9Oldies–Peak Broadcasting FresnoKSKS-FM 93.7Country–Peak Broadcasting FresnoKLBN-FM 101.9Mexican–Lotus Communications FresnoKLLE-FM 107.9Spanish/ Reggae/ Hip Hop–Univision Radio FresnoKOND-FM 92.1Mexican–Univision Radio FresnoKFBT-FM 103.7RockRock On-Clear Channel FresnoKHGE-FM 102.7CountryMother Trucker-Clear Channel FresnoKSJV-FM 91.5Spanish/ Variety–Radio Bilingue FresnoKSOF-FM 98.9Soft ACVegas Gold-Clear Channel FresnoKVPR-FM 89.3Classical/ NPR–White Ash Broadcasting Los AngelesKRCD-FM 103.9Spanish/ Adult Hits–Univision Radio Los AngelesKBIG-FM 104.3Hot ACPride-Clear Channel Los AngelesKKJZ-FM 88.1Jazz–California State University Los AngelesKWVE-FM 107.9ChristianChristian – No Commercials-Calvary Chapel Church Los AngelesKCBS-FM DiscoverNews – KFWB-AMCBS Radio Los Angeles KNX-AM 1070News–CBS Radio Los AngelesKRCV-FM 98.3Spanish/ Adult Hits–Univision Radio Los AngelesKIIS-FM 102.7CHRWild-Clear Channel Los AngelesKSCA-FM 101.9MexicanSpanish News/ Talk – KTNQ-AM-Univision Radio Los AngelesKAMP-FM 97.1TalkRadio Sophie – 103-7-CBS Radio Los AngelesKDIS-AM 1110Family Hits–Radio Disney Los AngelesKTWV-FM 94.7JazzSmooth JazzNews – KNX-AMCBS Radio Los AngelesKFWB-AM 980News–CBS Radio Los AngelesKROQ-FM 106.7AlternativeROQ of the 80’s-CBS Radio Los AngelesKRTH-FM 101.1Classic HitsPre-Beatles Oldies-CBS Radio Los AngelesKSPN-AM 710Sports–ESPN Radio Los AngelesKDLD-FM 103.1AlternativeDance-Entravision Los AngelesKOST-FM 103.5ACKOST Classics-Clear Channel Los AngelesKFI-AM 640News/ Talk–Clear Channel Los AngelesKBRT-AM 740Christian/ Talk–Crawford Broadcasting Company Los AngelesKHHT-FM 92.3Urban/ Rhythm and BluesSlow Jamz-Clear Channel Los AngelesKLOS-FM 95.5AORFusion Hispanic and Anglo RockKABC-AM 790Citadel Los AngelesKLVE-FM 107.5Spanish ACAmor CelestialKRCDUnivision Radio Los AngelesKSSE-FM 107.1Spanish/ CHRTBD-Entravision Los AngelesKPWR-FM 105.9Rhythmic/ CHRHumDesi/ South Asian-Emmis Los AngelesKYSR-FM 98.7AlternativeeRockster-Clear Channel Los AngelesKWIZ-FM 96.7Mexican/ Variety–Liberman Los AngelesKKGO-FM 105.1CountryClassical K-MozartRetro 1260 – KGIL-AMMount Wilson FM Broadcasters Los AngelesKPCC-FM 89.3News/ Talk/ InfoAHORA – SpanishishThe CurrentPasadena Area Community College Los AngelesKLYY-FM 97.5Spanish/ Adult HitsHispanic Oldies-Entravision Los AngelesKCRW-FM 89.9Educational/ News/ NPR–Santa Monica Community College Los AngelesKXOS-FM 93.9Rhythmic/ Hot ACEXITOS-Emmis Los AngelesKCSN-FM 88.5Classical/ AmericanClassical-California State University Los AngelesKUSC-FM 91.5Classical–University of Southern California Los AngelesKSWD- FM 100.3AAASouth Asian IndianMormon ChannelBonneville International Corp. MendocinoKPMO-AM 1300News/ Talk–JPR Foundation ModestoKESP-AM 970Sports–Citadel ModestoKATM-FM 103.3Country–Citadel ModestoKHKK-FM 104.1Classic Hits–Citadel ModestoKFIV-AM 1360News/ Talk–Clear Channel ModestoKJSN-FM 102.3Smooth JazzRock On-Clear Channel ModestoKCBC-AM 770Christian–Crawford Broadcasting Company ModestoKOSO-FM 93.1Modern ACNitro-Clear Channel ModestoKHOP-FM 95.1Hot AC–Citadel ModestoKMPO-FM 88.7Spanish/ Variety–Radio Bilingue ModestoKWNN-FM 98.3Hip Hop–Citadel ModestoKMPH-AM 840Talk–Pappas Radio MojaveKCRY-FM 88.1Educational/ News–Santa Monica Community College Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKWAV-FM 96.9ACAdult Standards-Buckley Broadcasting Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKOCN-FM 105.1OldiesReal Oldies-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKPRC-FM 100.7Spanish/ OldiesBeso-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKDON-FM 102.5CHRtha block-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKTOM-FM 92.7CountryMother Trucker-Clear Channel Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKAZU-FM 90.3NPR/ News/ InfoClassical-California State University Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKUSP-FM 88.9Variety–Pataphysical Broadcasting Foundation Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKHDC-FM 90.9Variety/ Spanish–Radio Bilingue Monterey-Salinas-Santa CruzKSQL-FM 99.1MexicanSpanish Christian – Amor Celestial-Univision Radio Mount ShastaKNSQ-FM 88.1News/ Jazz–OReggaeon Board of Higher Education Oxnard-VenturaKCRU-FM 89.1Educational/ News–Santa Monica Community College Palm SpringsKLOB-FM 94.7Spanish AC–Entravision Palm SpringsKPSC-FM 88.5Classical–University of Southern California Palm SpringsKPCV-FM 90.3NPR–American Public Media Group Palm SpringsKAJR-FM 95.9AC–A&J Media ReddingKNCA-FM 89.7News/ Jazz–OReggaeon Board of Higher Education ReddingKJPR-AM 1330News/ Jazz–JPR Foundation Rio DellKNHT-FM 107.3Classical/ News–OReggaeon Board of Higher Education Riverside-San BernardinoKFRG-FM 95.1CountryRibbit Radio-CBS Radio Riverside-San BernardinoKGGI-FM 99.1Top 40Groove-Clear Channel Riverside-San BernardinoKVCR-FM 91.9Educational–San Bernardino Community College District Riverside-San BernardinoKCRI-FM 89.3Educational/ News–Santa Monica Community College Riverside-San BernardinoKUOR-FM 89.1Jazz–The University of Redlands SacramentoKKDO-FM 94.7AlternativeR&B Quiet Storm-Entercom Communications SacramentoKXJZ-FM 90.9Jazz/ NewsClassical-California State University SacramentoKXPR-FM 88.9Classical–California State University SacramentoKHYL-FM 101.1Rhytmic/ OldiesClub Phusion-Clear Channel SacramentoKFBK-AM 1530News/ Talk–Clear Channel SacramentoKGBY-FM 92.5Hot ACPride-Clear Channel SacramentoKSEG-FM 96.9Classic RockBlues-Entercom Communications Corp. SacramentoKHTK-AM 1140Sports/ Talk–CBS Radio SacramentoKNCI-FM 105.1CountryThe Ranch – Classic CountrySport/ Talk – KHTK-AMCBS Radio SacramentoKRXQ-FM 98.5AORLive Rock-Entercom Communications SacramentoKBMB-FM 103.5Rhythmic/ CHR–Entravision SacramentoKQEI-FM 89.3News/ Talk/ Info–KQED SacramentoKVMR-FM 89.5Variety–Nevada City Community Broadcast Group SacramentoKXSE-FM 104.3Spanish AC–Entravision SacramentoKRCX-FM 99.9Mexican–Entravision SacramentoKBZC-FM 106.5All 90sDeep Rock Tracks-Entercom Communications Corp. SacramentoKSFM-FM 102.5Rhythmic/ CHRDance-CBS Radio SacramentoKHLX-FM 93.1Calssic HitsSmooth Jazz-Clear Channel SacramentoKIID-AM 1470Family Hits–Radio Disney SacramentoKDND-FM 107.9CHRComedy-Entercom Communications San DiegoKIOZ-FM 105.3RockRock-Mashups-Clear Channel San DiegoKHTS-FM 93.3Top 40Pride Radio-Clear Channel San DiegoKSON-FM 97.3Country–Lincoln Financial Media San DiegoKGB-FM 1 01.5Classic RockAll Morning Shows-Clear Channel San DiegoKIFM-FM 98.1Smooth Jazz–Lincoln Financial Media San DiegoKSOQ-FM 92.1Country–Lincoln Financial Media San DiegoKLQV-FM 102.9Spanish/ Adult Hits–Univision Radio San DiegoKOGO-AM 600Talk/ News/ Sports–Clear Channel San DiegoKYXY-FM 96.5Soft RockChristian Rock-The Crossing-CBS Radio San DiegoKBZT-FM 94.9Alternative–Lincoln Financial Media San DiegoKSDS-FM 88.3Jazz–San Diego Community College San DiegoKMYI-FM 94.1Hot ACAdult Alternative (AAA)-Clear Channel San DiegoKPBS-FM 89.5News/ Talk/ InfoClassicalGroove SaladSan Diego State University San DiegoKSCF-FM 103.7AC KROQ – Alternative RockHouse of SophieCBS Radio San DiegoKUSS-FM 95.7CountryAll New Country!-Clear Channel San FranciscoKMKY-AM 1310Children–Radio Disney San FranciscoKMVQ-FM 99.7Top 40Pulse Radio-CBS Radio San FranciscoKSJO-FM 92.3Modern RockHispanic Hits-Clear Channel San FranciscoKOIT-FM 96.5AC50s 60s oldies-Entercom Communications San FranciscoKLLC-FM 97.3Hot ACChill-CBS Radio San FranciscoKCBS-AM 740News–CBS Radio San FranciscoKSAN-FM 107.7RockThe Bone 2-Cumulus Media Partners San FranciscoKITS-FM 105.3AlternativeClassic DiscoverCBS Radio San FranciscoKFRC-FM 106.9NewsClassic Hits-CBS Radio San FranciscoKBWF-FM 95.7CountryCountry-Entercom Communications San FranciscoKIOI-FM 101.3Hot ACPride Radio-Clear Channel San FranciscoKMEL-FM 106.1Hip Hop/ Rhythm and BluesExtreme Hip-Hop-Clear Channel San FranciscoKQED-FM 88.5News/ Talk/ Info–KQED San FranciscoKTCT-AM 1050Sports–Cumulus Media Partners San FranciscoKFOG-FM 104.5AAAThe New Music Matrix-Cumulus Media Partners San FranciscoKALW-FM 91.7News/ Talk/ Info–San Francisco Unified School District San FranciscoKCSM-FM 91.1JazzJazz-San Mateo County Community College San FranciscoKKGN-AM 960Talk–Clear Channel San FranciscoKISQ-FM 98.1Rhythm/ BluesSmooth Jazz-Clear Channel San FranciscoKNEW-AM 910Talk–Clear Channel San FranciscoKYLD-FM 94.9Rhythmic/ Top 40FuZic-Clear Channel San FranciscoKKSF-FM 103.7Classic RockOldies-Clear Channel San FranciscoKDFC-FM 102.1ClassicalClassical Deep Cuts-Entercom Communications San FranciscoKBRG-FM 100.3Spanish/ OldiesSpanish-Univision Radio San FranciscoKSOL-FM 98.9MexicanSpanish-Univision Radio San JoseKVVF-FM 105.7Spanish AC/ ReggaeUnknown-Univision Radio San JoseKLOK-AM 1170Spanish/ Talk/ Sports–Principle Broadcasting Network San JoseKCNL-FM 104.9SpanishIndie and New Rock-Principle Broadcasting Network San JoseKFFG-FM 97.7AAAHit Music-Cumulus Media Partners San JoseKUFX-FM 98.5Classic RockDeep Tracks-Clear Channel San Luis ObispoKCBX-FM 90.1PublicNPR-KCBX Santa BarbaraKRAZ-FM 105.9Country–Knight Broadcasting Santa BarbaraKQSC-FM 88.7Classical–University of Southern California Santa RosaKRCB-FM 91.1Variety–Rural California Broadcasting Corp. StocktonKQOD-FM 100.1Rhythmic/ OldiesClassic Hip-Hop-Clear Channel StocktonKMRQ-FM 96.7Spanish/ Adult Hitstha block-Clear Channel StocktonKWSX-AM 1280Spanish/ Adult Hits–Clear Channel StocktonKJOY-FM 99.3AC–Citadel StocktonKMIX-FM 100.9Mexican–Entravision StocktonKCVR-AM 1570Spanish/ Adult Hits–Entravision StocktonKWIN-FM 97.7Hip Hop–Citadel Thousand OaksKCLU-FM 88.3Jazz–California Lutheran University Thousand OaksKDSC-FM 91.1Classical–University of Southern California Visalia-Tulare-HanfordKRZR-AM 1400Sports–Clear Channel Visalia-Tulare-HanfordKBOS-FM 94.9CHRtha block-Clear Channel YrekaKSYC-AM 1490Country–JPR Foundation YrekaKNYR-FM 91.3Classical/ News–OReggaeon Board of Higher Education

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