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IBOC by State Rundown – 2006 – 2010

IBOC by State Rundown – 2006 – 2010

May 1, 2010 1:00 PM

Insight to IBOC, May 2010

The HD Radio rollout slowly continues. We compare the state-by-state station counts from 2006 to 2010.

StateApr 2010May 2008Nov 2006 AL302920 AK30177 AZ353316 AR12116 CA172162109 CO595839 CT252015 DE742 DC202320 FL12611263 GA532927 HI640 ID863 IL614833 IN343225 IA241810 KS241810 KY312310 LA24214 ME141311 MD18158 MA424232 MI635639 MN443017 MS1090 MO494425 MT23179 NE141210 NV15136 NH21124 NJ1196 NM1387 NY1179668 NC665124 ND1010 OH998351 OK292420 OR402713 PA756946 PR640 RI1295 SC242311 SD650 TN383116 TX13112174 UT221910 VT322 VA473725 WA513721 WV16132 WI474023 WY18179 TOTALS1,9751,6571,013

Improvements in Filter Combiners

Increasing the IBOC digital sidebands from -20dBc to -10dBc presents more challenges for broadcasters wanting to transmit from one antenna….

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Adds HD Radio

In June 2009, Mississippi Public Broadcasting culminated a multiyear effort and inaugurated two-channel HD Radio transmission to all eight of its Class C FM analog stations….

IBOC by State Comparison 2010

Periodically, we have tracked the progress of the HD Radio rollout by state. Through 2008, the number of stations adding HD Radio saw a steady increase….