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IHeartRadio Is Live on CarPlay

IHeartRadio Is Live on CarPlay

Oct 23, 2014 3:26 PM

NEW YORK�iHeartRadio is now live in Apple’s CarPlay and is currently available in some vehicles and aftermarket headunits. The integration is live with the iPhone 5.3.1 upgrade in the iTunes Store.

The CarPlay integration, which takes the iPhone app and places it in the digital dashboard, was originally announced in March. iHeartMedia says it aims to provide a more seamless customer experience through this move.

In order to listen via CarPlay, iHeartRadio users just need a CarPlay-enabled stereo system in your car, connected via a Lightning to USB cable to a compatible iPhone with iHeartRadio downloaded on it.

In addition, several new Automotive OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers have announced plans to add CarPlay support over the next several months.