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In-Vehicle DAB Adaptor Manufacturers Note Increasing Sales

In Nordland — the first county in Norway with its national FMs turned off — sales of digital radios and adapters have taken off

OSLO � Conservative estimates suggest that about two million cars in Norway have no DAB radio � and therefore any listener that wants to listen to the radio while driving (especially in areas where FM has been turned off, or soon will be) must retrofit either a new radio or an adapter in order to listen.

In Nordland, the first county in Norway with its national FMs turned off, sales of such products have taken off, according� In fact, the company TT Micro, which nearly went out of business in 2015, predicts the year 2017 will an exceptional year due to the transition to DAB. The company owns the brand Tiny Audio, and offers products specifically for the Norwegian market�namely DAB adapters for cars.� You can see the line of DAB adaptors and accessories from TT Micro here.

DAB radio is gaining more and more acceptance in the UK, the English companyConnects2recently announced the launch of AutoDAB-FM, the latest product in their line of aftermarket DAB solutions. The AutoDAB-FM is an in-car DAB adapter which upgrades an existing FM system to receive DAB and DAB+ digital radio. Using an FM transmitter for delivery, and a dedicated RF remote for control, the product has been designed to equip almost any vehicle with digital radio in time for the switch-over (the plan of which is still not determined).� Here�s ashort videodescribing how to �install� the AutoDAB in a vehicle.�