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Ireland’s Independent DAB Mux Goes Silent

RTÉ continues along

DUBLIN ��The DAB multiplex operated by Ireland�s DB Digital Broadcasting has been shut down, after the company let its authorization expire on June 30 due to �…lack of interest from the independent radio sector,� according to

The mux carried services by Ireland�s public broadcasting service, RT�, and a number of niche stations � Maria, Sunshine, Ri-Ra and RT� lyric. Previously, the mux has offered All 80s, All 90s, Zenith, Pure Classic, Love Radio, Amazing Radio and UCB.

Interestingly, the lack of participation by commercial broadcasters was a lament of Dusty Rhodes, one of DB Digital Broadcasting�s founders, right after the mux was turned on in 2012: �Some disappointment has been expressed by members of the public that more commercial services are not available. Interestingly they view us, the mux provider, as being responsible for how many and which stations are broadcast. The reality is our trial is open to all but it is up to stations/content providers to acquire the appropriate license from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to enable broadcasting on DAB,� aid Rhodes, quoted in this press release, from November 2012.

All is not lost for DAB listeners in that part of Ireland though. RT� operates its own DAB mux covering the same areas as did the dB Digital Broadcasting mux. The RT� NL DAB MUX operates on channel 12C � (227.360 MHz) with 54% population coverage. It covers Cork and Limerick and the greater Dublin area. In addition to the four main RT� FM stations, the following Digital-only stations are on the mux: RT� Gold; RT� 2XM; RT� Junior; RT� Pulse; and RT� Radio 1 Extra (which carries all long wave content).�