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Jennifer Lane: UK Commercial Radio Is Thriving

Radio is growing its market share across the pond, she says

LONDON�I follow the blog of Jennifer Lane, but rarely does she present any information pertinent to Digital Radio Update. However, herMay 7th blogis quite different.� It�s entitled �Commercial Radio is thriving in the UK.�

�In the UK last year, advertising revenue on commercial radio grew 7.2 percent in 2014, while in the U.S. it shrank 1 percent.

�Radio is growing its market share across the pond, not by building silos but by taking the broad view of audio. About a year ago,Global Radio, the market�s biggest broadcast company, launched DAX, Digital Audio Exchange, the country�s first programmatic audio exchange, giving media buyers access to competitive broadcast and online brands like�Bauer Media�sAbsolute Radio Networkas well as Spotify and other online platforms.�

Programmatic buying is just starting up in the U.S. radio market. Our European broadcast colleagues seem to be ahead of us, in many aspects of technology.

Is it possible, if we were to emphasize the same technologies (even digital radio) that we would see our advertising revenue grow �on this side of the pond� as well? �