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Joan Warner to Deliver Keynote at ABU DBS 2016

The workshop will take a different format this year, with a more hands-on, round table approach

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia�DAB+ in the Asia Pacific Region will be the primary topic during the WorldDAB workshop at the Asian Broadcasting Union Digital Radio Broadcasting Symposium, happening in Kuala Lumpur next week betweenFeb. 29�andMarch 3.Theworkshopwill beheld Feb. 29.�

The WorldDAB workshop will take a different format this year, with a more hands-on, round table approach that will enable broadcasters, regulators, and content producers to break into smaller groups and lead the direction with questions relevant to their current situation.

Experts in attendance will speak on regulation, technical planning and content during the event. For example, one of the groups at the WorldDAB workshop will look�at�how�to enable broadcasters in the region to continue the planning for transition to digital radio. In addition, professionals from around the globe will provide examples of what has worked in their particular markets and breakout groups will identify the common challenges which can delay decisions and planning for digital radio services.

The workshop in particular will highlight that spectrum is a finite resource and is under increasing threat from mobile telecommunications. ��Governments see an income stream from the sale of spectrum but they must remember that telcos can afford to pay more for spectrum because phones are a user pay commodity, whereas broadcast radio must be available to all and be free to air. �Free to air radio is crucial to any region.� It plays a critical role during times of emergency and informs, educates and entertains, across large areas in a cost effective and efficient manner,�writes Joan Warner,�chair, WorldDAB Asia Pacific Committee and CEO of Commercial Radio Australia.

Ms. Warner willpresent the ABU DBS 2016 keynote presentation �How the Powerful Mix of Talent and Technology Can Future Proof Broadcasting.� She anticipates �…reminding radio broadcasters across the region that first and foremost we are content creators.� We produce more content, more often and more cost effectively than anyone else and must use all platforms � AM, FM, DAB+, in cars, online, in phones, on social media and on any other new device or platform that comes to market to reach our audience.�